Clash of Clans Cheats Tool v1.4


Works on: Windows, MAC, Apple iDevide, Android Devide

What is Clash of Clans?

Clash of Clans is a multiplayer strategy game designed for mobile phones and tablets. The game play is quite similar to most mobile multiplayer strategy games. When you make a new account you are placed in a charge of a small village and you must defend it from other players while developing it at the same time. The goal of the game is to create the most powerful village. In order to develop your village and unlock buildings and troops you will need to raid other villages.

Clash of Clans is very fun and addicting and you can find yourself playing it for hours on end. However, if you don’t know how to properly build defenses, your village can be conquered easily. When nearby players raid your village you will lose a percentage of your resources and it will be difficult for you to progress in the game. The key is to gather as many resources as possible by either defending your village or raiding villages for their resources so you can spend the resources on improving your village. In order to do this you will need to learn how to build troops and raid nearby villages without losing the fight. It can be quite difficult to get the hang of the game and begin climbing ranks. But once you allow yourself to fully experience the world of Clash of Clans you will find yourself furiously competing for a higher in-game rank.

But How Can You Compete When You Can’t Collect Resources?

Waiting for your resources to stockpile can take an incredibly long time. Similarly, if you are raiding nearby villages it will also be quite time consuming to gather enough resources to move up in ranks. Don’t you wish that there was a way to increase your resources quickly so that you can develop your village and become the most powerful player in the game?

The three resources in the game are gems, elixirs, and gold. Without these resources you can’t build any buildings or units in the game. So instead of spending every hour of the day sending out raids you can download Clash of Clans Cheats tool that will automatically send resources to your account. Clash of Clans Cheats is completely free and easy to install. Once it has been installed you will obtain plenty of resources that you can use to increase your rank.

Introducing Clash of Clans Cheats

clash of clash cheats

There is an easy way that you can cheat in Clash of Clans for more resources. Yes, the tool can gather plenty of resources for you. Installing Clash of Clans Cheats is very easy. All you have to do is plug your mobile device into your computer via a USB cable and run the tool below. Simply download the file, install it on your computer, run the program, type in the amount of resources you want, and click “HACK”. The program will then send the desired amount of resources directly to your game account and you can use them as you please.

Please note that you will need to have the phone plugged into your computer for this to work. Once the hack is complete, you may remove the phone, and enjoy your free resources. So that is it! If you want to be the most powerful player in Clash of Clans download this free tool now!

Clash of Clans Cheats Instructions:

1) Download the Clash of Clans Cheats v1.4
2) Run Clash of Clans Cheats v1.4 and let it load
3) If you’re iDevide user or Android user, connect your devide to PC by using an USB cable. If you’re Facebook user, just log in.
4) Press the ‘Verify’ button
5) Keep your iDevice, Android devide connected (or facebook account logged in).
6) Choose your device
7) Type in how much free gems, elixir & gold you need and click the ‘HACK’ button. Now just wait for Clash of Clans Cheats to do it’s job
8) Disconnect your device (or if using Facebook log out and log back in) & enjoy the game!

clash of clans cheats download

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